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Research Group on Infectious Diseases in Animal Production


The Research Group on Infectious Diseases in Animal Production (GREMIP) at the Faculty of Veterinary Medecine of the University of Montreal, formerly known as the ''Swine Infectious Disease Research Group'', was established in 1982 in response to the emergence of swine pleuropneumonia, which served as the catalyst for the group's formation. For several years, GREMIP researchers focused on infectious diseases in pigs, becoming world-renowned experts in the field. After years of successful research and the realization that their methods were applicable to other animal species, the researchers aimed to expand the scope of their research activities to encompass infectious diseases in animal production. For over 35 years, with financial support from the University of Montreal, the government of Quebec and Canada, and the backing of the animal industry, GREMIP, through its researchers, has built a robust and comprehensive program, allowing for the development of a critical mass of microbiologists dedicated to research activities and the training of young researchers. Such a high concentration of microbiologists is likely unique among veterinary schools and faculties worldwide. GREMIP currently comprises more than twenty members whose research activities align with the mission of GREMIP.

The research work of GREMIP members primarily focuses on the immuno-pathogenesis of bacterial, viral, and parasitic infections in animals. Through a fortunate blend of fundamental and applied research, our work aims to enhance the control of these infections by developing diagnostic tools, prophylactic methods as alternatives to antibiotics, and innovative vaccine development. Our researchers also study antimicrobial resistance in various animal species, including poultry, pigs, and cattle. Finally, the Diagnostic Microbiology Service of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine has notably flourished thanks to the contributions of GREMIP.

The impact of the research efforts has established credibility with major research organizations. As a result, GREMIP has secured networking grants that have allowed for close collaborations at the provincial, national, and international levels. In May 2016, GREMIP received the Rector's Award in the category of « Collaboration de l'Université de Montréal ». This award recognizes a team that, through the cohesion of its members and the efforts of each, demonstrates exceptional performance in achieving a common goal or the success of a project.

GREMIP comp avec Guillaume.jpg

Some GREMIP members in front of the main entrance of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Saint-Hyacinthe.
(Photo by Christophe Dubé, October 2023)

GREMIP also leads a large pan-Quebec network, CRIPA (Swine and Poultry Infectious Diseases Research Center), thanks to a grant from the FRQNT's strategic cluster. CRIPA brings together over 78 researchers from various disciplines, representing over 19 universities or research institutions in Quebec. It also promotes a multidisciplinary and integrated approach encompassing both fundamental and applied research.

Lastly, GREMIP researchers currently oversee the work of over 70 master's and doctoral students as well as postdoctoral trainees. Our researchers are always eager to recruit and train motivated students who are passionate about infectious diseases in animal production and thus contribute to the sustainable development of this crucial sector.

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